Education has always been ineffective medium for bringing about change and hence the challenges are immense. Thus it is now being geared up towards equipping students with the basic knowledge and skills that will enable them to function effectively in the new changing society scenario. Human mind is vast which is never ending. Therefore the world is accelerating ceaselessly. It is mainly due to creative thinking of human mind which develops innovative ideas and vision. Our aim and objective is not to reach the children to make them extraordinary but to engage,excite and motivate them to learn more and about their academic curriculum to encourage them to pursue their curiosity and satisfy their urge to creativity so that they will be able to. Ultimately transform their creative ideas into creations and innovation. This is why we conduct and organize number of tournaments, competitions etc other than their usual classroom activities. I am grateful to our Chairman Shrivijay Narayan Pandey, Manager Smt. Madhu Pandey and Principal Smt Amita Mishrafor their continuous support. I express my heartful gratitude to the parents who have always been cooperative with us,and wish every students health happiness and wisdom on and congratulate staff for the success achieved by virtue of their devotion and hard work.In the name of the Almighty, let uspave our way towards perfection and add more milestones in the pages of APS.