As the curtain came down on yet another memorable year in the annals of school as we celebrate milestone worth reconciling, as young minds grows and wisdom imperative for a happy life. Thisyear magazine is a testament to the reposed in the mentors and guardians ofthis educational institution still in its intancy. It is indeed an exhilaratingexperience to witness young boys and girls win accolades for themselves, to seethem grow in confidence and talent, to see them take up completely new ventures,learning new skills and then excelling at them.

          What is remarkable is that everyopportunity is taken up with enthusiasm and zeal and at everyday there is greatlearning taking place. This is to my mind is the hallmark of an institutionworth its salt etched in stone but one that keeps wiping the state clean andaspiring to greater heights and achievements all the time.

          As we record the wonderful events ofthe year gone by, the achievements, the success, the experience for prosperity,I am confident that this exuberant tapestry of youths energy and talent willrepeat itself year upon year and I consider myself blessed to be part of thisfantastic journey called school life. Every year we are achieving outstandingresults. Staff and all supportive members are toiling year upon year for theprogress of the school in all fields. Our motto is to give good citizen to thesociety to make the world better place to live in, which is achieved withoutcompromising In the all round development of the child and the hectic pace oflife in the school with the, never ending stream of activities, events andcompetition at home and away. All these spear headed by the teachersthemselves, who wear many hats through the course of a single day contribute tothe rich and varied education experience that is A.P.S.

          IT goes without saying that such fantastic result could not have beenachieved if there was no triangular, synergy , students parents and of coursethe dedicated APS team of teachers best support and co operation of  the management. I extend my hearty thank tothe management and congratulate the entire APS team for their commitment of thepursuit of excellence and I am confident that the academic firmament will staybright in the years ahed.