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We confidently consider that children are the future of the world. The institution strives to equip our students with a global visualization. The academic and co-curricular triumphs of Allahabad Public School, Allahabad have placed it among the foremost enlightening institutions of the State. Allahabad Public Schol, synonymous with quality education endeavours constantly to improve faculties of the learners by innovative techniques, occurrence and creating awareness of National and International issues. This encyclopedia bridges the teacher, the learner and the parent. With this crucial tripartite link, we still need your warm cooperation to boost effective learning in our students and developmental progress of the school. We look forward to have your invaluable word of advice, constructive ideas and suggestions for further improvement.

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Education has always been an ineffective medium for bringing about change and hence the challenges are immense. Thus it is now being geared up towards equipping students with the basic knowledge and skills that will enable them to function effectively in the new changing society scenario. The human mind is vast which is never-ending. Therefore the world is accelerating ceaselessly. It is mainly due to the creative thinking of the human mind ... which develops innovative ideas and vision. Our aim and objective are not to reach the children to make them extraordinary but to engage,excite and motivate them to learn more and about their academic curriculum to encourage them to pursue their curiosity and satisfy their urge for creativity so that they will be able to. Ultimately transform their creative ideas into creations and innovation. This is why we conduct and organize a number of tournaments, competitions etc other than their usual classroom activities. I am grateful to our Chairman Shri Vijay Narayan Pandey, Manager Smt. Madhu Pandey and Principal Smt Pratima Pandey for their continuous support. I express my heartful gratitude to the parents who have always been cooperative with us, and wish every student health happiness and wisdom and congratulate the staff for the success achieved by virtue of their devotion and hard work. In the name of the Almighty, let us pave our way towards perfection and add more milestones to the pages of APS.

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First of all I would like to express my view regarding the spectacular performance of Allahabad Public School &College. It would not be an exaggeration if I stated that APS has played a vital role in the advancement of education. But the development has not been limited to education only but also in various fields such as sports ,communication skills and intellectual thinking and have shown signs of improvement as well. I would also like to lay emp..

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As the curtain came down on yet another memorable year in the annals of school as we celebrate milestones worth reconciling, as young minds grow and wisdom imperative for a happy life. This year's magazine is a testament to the reposed of the mentors and guardians of this educational institution still in its tenancy. It is indeed an exhilarating experience to witness young boys and girls win accolades for themselves, to see them grow in confidence and talent,... to see them take up completely new ventures, learn new skills and then excel at them.What is remarkable is that every opportunity is taken up with enthusiasm and zeal and every day, there is great learning taking place. This is to my mind the hallmark of an institution worth its salt etched in stone but one that keeps wiping the slate clean and aspiring to greater heights and achievements all the time. As we record the wonderful events of the year gone by, the achievements, the success, and the experience of prosperity, I am confident that this exuberant tapestry of youths energy and talent will repeat itself year upon year and I consider myself blessed to be part of this fantastic journey called school life. Every year we are achieving outstanding results. Staff and all supportive members are toiling year upon year for the progress of the school in all fields. Our motto is to give good citizens to the society to make the world a better place to live in, which is achieved without compromising In the all-round development of the child and the hectic pace of life in the school with the never-ending stream of activities, events and competition at home and away. All these spearheaded by the teachers themselves, who wear many hats through the course of a single day contribute to the rich and varied educational experience that is A.P.S.It goes without saying that such a fantastic result could not have been achieved if there was no triangular, synergy, between students' parents and of course the dedicated APS team of teachers' best support and cooperation of the management. I extend my hearty thank to the management and congratulate the entire APS team for their commitment to the pursuit of excellence and I am confident that the academic firmament will stay bright in the years ahead.

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School Topper

Abhishek Kesarwani 94.2%

Aditi Soni 93%

Ameena Ahmad 90.8%

Anany Chandra 93.4%

Ankita Maurya 91.4%

Anshaj Kumar 92.4%

Anshuman Raj Singh 95%

Ashwani Pratap 90%

Atharv Gupta 92%

Devansh Gupta 95.8%

Jai Kumar 90.4%

Kartikey Mishra 90%

Khusboo Saini 91.2%

Khushi Singh 94.5%

Navya Sahu 94.2%

Palak Maurya 94.6%

Pragati Kushwaha 91.6%

Pragati Mishra 91%

Rajeshwar Pandey 90.6%

Saniya Qamar 91.8%

Saurav Kumar 90.4%

Shivam Kumar 96.6%

Shreya Maurya 93.8%

Shreya Singh 94.6%

Shudhanshu Kumar 95.4%

Tanishka Yadav 91%

Utkarsh Patel 93.8%