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We confidently consider that children are the future of the world. The institution strives to equip our students with a global visualization. The academic and co-curricular triumphs of Allahabad Public School, Allahabad have placed it among the foremost enlightening institutions of the State. Allahabad Public Schol, synonymous with quality education endeavours constantly to improve faculties of the learners by innovative techniques, occurrence and creating awareness of National and International issues. This encyclopedia bridges the teacher, the learner and the parent. With this crucial tripartite link, we still need your warm cooperation to boost effective learning in our students and developmental progress of the school. We look forward to have your invaluable word of advice, constructive ideas and suggestions for further improvement.

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The academic year 2018-19 was a great success for which the students and the staff of the school should be greatly-praised. The effects of the effort put in by the teachers can be clearly seen by the performance of the students. Also the increased morale of the staff is due to the unitizing guidance of our worthy Principal, Mrs. Amita Mishra. Once again I would like to emphasize the devotion of our valued teachers who have made a lasting impression up



First of all I would like to express my view regarding the spectacular performance of Allahabad Public School &College. It would not be an exaggeration if I stated that APS has played a vital role in the advancement of education. But the development has not been limited to education only but also in various fields such as sports ,communication skills and intellectual thinking and have shown signs of improvement as well. I would also like to lay emp..



As the curtain came down on yet another memorable year in the annals of school as we celebrate milestone worth reconciling, as young minds grows and wisdom imperative for a happy life. Thisyear magazine is a testament to the reposed in the mentors and guardians ofthis educational institution still in its intancy. It is indeed an exhilaratingexperience to witness young boys and girls win accolades

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School Topper

..... {Prabal P. Singh 97.8% }

..... {Tejas Verma 96.6% }

..... {Himanshu Maurya 95.6% }

..... {Sauhard Srivastva 95.2% }

..... {Prateek Srivastva 94.8% }

..... {Arena 94.8% }

..... {Akhil Mishra 94.6% }

..... {Gaurav 94.6% }

..... {Rishika 94% }

..... {Shreyansh 93.8% }

..... {Trishita 93.6% }

..... {Sachin 93.6% }

..... {Divyanshu 93.2% }

..... {Abhisar 92.8% }

..... {Abhay 92.4% }

..... {Yash 92.4% }

..... {Vikash 92.4% }

..... {Rifat 91.8% }

..... {Spandan 91.6% }

..... {Aditya 91.6% }