1. All students must be present in the collegepremises in the given school time, late comes will be sent back.
  2. No dress other then the prescribed schooluniform should be worn in the school premises.
  3. Children are expected to bring the prescribedbooks and note-books as per the time-table for the day, along with this diary.
  4. Introduction of objectionable or obscenceliterature in to the school premises is strictly prohibited.
  5. Children should keep their classroom neat and tidy.Damage to school property, disfiguring furniture, or writing on walls will beliable to pay a fine.
  6. Children should depart themselves in aresponsible manner on their way to and from the school.
  7. Students should abide by the norms of disciplineand good behavior. They should greet the teachers and elders and maintain thedecorum of the school. They should refrain from using harsh/foul language.
  8. In the absence of a teacher from class, childrenmust obey the monitor appointed.
  9. Irregular attendance, negligence of homework,disrespect towards the members of the school staff and immoral influence,justifies dismissal.
  10. All are expected to speak English in the schoolpremises.
  11. In any circumstances, thechild will not be allowed to leave the school premises during regular teachinghours. In case of emergency a written application should be submitted by the parents to the Principal.
  12. Gifts to members of thestaff or other demonstration in their honour, require the previous sanction ofthe Principal.
  13. Every student must take partin school games and other activities, unless declared physically unfit by amedical certificate or exempted by the Principal.
  14. hose who go home on foot should not loiter about but reach home straight. They should not go to their friends place from school.
  15. Pupils are answerable to the school authorities for their conduct both in and outside the school premises. The school authorities also reserve the right of suspending/dimissing any pupilwhose conduct their opinion is not satisfactory.
  16. No jewellery of any kind isallowed to be worn.
  17. Keeping or use of cellphones in the college campus in strictly prohibited.
  18. No motor bikes (geared andnon geared) are allowed in and around the school premises.