Admission AND Withdrawal

  1. Parents seeking admission of their child mustget his/her name registered in the school office. For that a registration formhas be filled.
  2. Admission forms for class Nur. To class IX will be available in the month of march atschool counter.
  3. Admission will be done only after an entrancetest (LKG to IX).
  4. At the time of admission, the parents mustsubmit transfer certificate from the previous school attested & originalbirth certificate.
  5. The principal reserves the right to refuseadmission of any students without mentioning any reason.
  6. Fees once paid will not be refunded. A studentonce admitted cannot be withdrawn without a month notice or one month’s fee inlieu of notice. His/her security deposit will not be refunded in case a studentis withdrawn without a month’s notice.
  7. Transfer certificate will be issued only after dues are cleared. T.C fee will be charged.
  8. If astudent remain absent from the school without application for any reason formore than 10 days at a stretch in one month his/her name will be struck off theroll automatically on the last working day of the month.
  9. If astudents of his parents/guardian show disrespect to the principal/teacher ofthe school or in the opinion of the principal, causes disturbance in the smoothworking of the school, his/her name shall be struck off the rolls, withoutgiving prior notice.
  10. Re-admission of the student struck off theschool roll for any reason will be entirely at the discretion of the principal.