Rules for Examination

  1. All must come in proper uniform and attendancein the assembly is compulsory.
  2. Late comers and fee defaulters will not bepermitted to appear in the examination.
  3. Parents are asked to clear dues in the collageoffice on all working days before examination positively.
  4. Students using unfair means directly orindirectly will be asked to leave the college and their entire examination willbe cancelled.
  5. In case of only unforeseen circumstances onlythe particular paper of the day will be kept at a later date.
  6. Report cards will not be given to persons otherthan parents/legal guardians unless they come with letter of authorization fromthe concerned parents/legal guardians.
  7. Students who have not appeared at least twoexamination and have not cleared in all the subjects may not be promoted to thenext class.
  8. Medical certificates for absence from any paper or the whole examination is not guaranteepromotion to the next class.
  9. Rules for promotion given in the report card arebinding on all the students. Any concession on those rules made by theprincipal should be treated as gratuitous act and not as a matter of right.
  10. The school timings will be mentioned in the date sheet.